Join Team WORS

Team WORS is the racing face of the WORS Posse.

WORS Posse members volunteer to help set up, run, and take down each WORS event. For more information about joining the WORS Posse, read on.

WORS Posse members receive:

  • WORS series registration and race entry fees waived – Team WORS members race for free.
  • A custom WORS kit (jersey and shorts).
  • Great deals on cycling products from WORS sponsors.
  • Free camping at events.
  • Team WORS Pit Area for team members to hang out and prep for their race including snacks and refreshments.
  • Saturday evening meal and social gathering
  • A great team that travels, rides, and works together.
  • Advice and direction from the great awe inspiring Don, himself.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it is all part of being a member of TEAM WORS. Riders of all ability and skill levels are eligible. Your first year racing or been racing for 10 years? All are welcome.

The fine print: TEAM WORS is for the members of the WORS Posse.

  • Team members will help with setup and tear down of the race start scaffold and staging area, WORS tents, finish scaffold, awards backdrop and scoreboards.
  • The Posse work is concentrated into two hours of set up starting at noon on Saturday and two hours of tear down after the last race on Sunday, with some minor duties in between, like setting up the sound system on Sunday morning before the racing starts.
  • There are some specialty positions available with Team WORS such as administering WORS Photo Contest and Park Tool tent mechanic.

Being a member of Team WORS is fun and rewarding. As a kid – did you ever dream of joining the circus? Well here is your chance, be a part of Don’s Dirt Circus.

Interested? Send an email for more details. There are limited openings. Team selection is based on number of races you are able to work, availability at races, ability to work well with others and any special skills you can bring to the team.