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Is it just me or does every Subaru Cup have some problem that leaves people pissed off?  This year it was the pulling of riders in the Cat 1 Race. Below is the rule for the lapped riders/80% rule.

5G1. Before the start of a race, it should be announced whether lapped riders will be pulled or remain in the race. If riders are to be pulled, the following applies:
(a) Riders who have been lapped shall continue the lap to a designated location before the finish line and withdraw, under the control of the officials.
(b) The Chief Referee may, after consulting with the organizer, impose the 80% rule. Under this rule, riders whose time gap to the race leader is at least 80% of the race leader’s time for the first lap will be pulled by the officials unless it is the final lap. The number of 80% is merely an approximation based on a typical course; the intent is that all riders should be pulled before they are lapped.
© Riders who have been pulled because of lapping or the 80% rule will be listed in the results based on their position when pulled and the number of laps remaining. The results will list the number of laps remaining after the lap on which they were pulled.

The last sentence of paragraph B states that 80% is an approximation and that THE INTENT IS THAT ALL RIDERS SHOULD BE PULLED BEFORE THEY ARE LAPPED.

Frist, I can guarantee that over half of the riders that were pulled were in no danger of being lapped. Probably way more than that but I'm being conservative.  
Second, I can't help but have the feeling that the time of the first rider at the end of the first lap (who was a U23 rider and started 2 minutes before the rest of the Cat 1's) might have been applied to the entire field of cat 1's.  That is one way to explain why such a large number of Cat 1's weren't able to finish 25% of their race. Either that or the official was completely incapable of calculating that time which sadly may also be true.  If you look back at last years results for the Cat 1 race, 74 riders finished of all age groups. 4 were pulled.  This year in the 24-34 age group alone 17 were pulled out of 27 finishers.  The 10th place finisher in that age group was pulled.  That is ridiculous!
Third, quite a few Cat 1 racers took a wrong turn on the far side of the course due to course tape directing them to the Cat 2 route.  How much time did they loose?  Is it fair if any of them got pulled?
Fourth, say there was 1 or 2 really fast cat 1's who were doing pro lap times - say 16-17 minutes - should you enforce the 80% rule to the rest of the Cat 1's who aren't turning out Pro lap times?

I understand the concept, keep lapped riders out of the way of the leaders.  But today there was a major error in how it was applied.  How many good riders were kept from finishing their race?  With the 4 minute finish lap that is near 30% of the race left. Assuming a 20 minute lap time you would need to be down 16 minutes to get pulled - I'm pretty sure I wasn't over that. Personally I think the rule is bullshit.  The other side of it may be that they were just trying to keep riders of out of way of the staging Pro Women (who started 1:30 after the Cat 1 males) and their parade lap - well then that's crap too.  Why do 20 pro women need a parade lap?  They came through soft-pedaling.  Here's an idea.  Don't give the Pro Women a parade lap and let the Cat 1 males finish their race.  

It is hard work organizing all of this - no doubt about that.  But the value of paying to come to this race is just not there for the normal rider when things like this happen.  I like WORS but I should have driven the extra hour and raced the MN series race.
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Had you driven the extra hour to the MN Race you would have had a better course also...
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