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WORS Racer Forums - Code of Conduct and Proper Usage
Following the basic ideals of WORS, the WORS Racer Forums provide a fun and supportive online community for cycling enthusiasts of all ages and abilities to ask questions, gather opinions, share comments, make suggestions, and help others. In order to maintain this positive environment, members must demonstrate appropriate conduct and proper forum usage.

-Above all else, everyone must be treated with respect and dignity. No member will be allowed to disrespect, belittle, harass, degrade, or personally attack another in any manner, implied or expressed.
-Use of profane, obscene, or vulgar language will not be tolerated.
-Posting for-profit advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, spam, or solicitations will not allowed (this includes posting of items for sale).
-Members must respect other persons' rights to privacy by refraining from posting another person's identifying information (including name, contact information, location, image, etc) except their own.
-Impersonating or falsely identifying with any other person is not allowed.
-Members may not post copyrighted materials unless said material is their own.
-Do not post messages outside of the stated topic or subject of a forum.
-Do not misuse a forum by deliberately posting repeated irrelevant messages or "spamming" a topic.

Any infractions of the above rules should be reported to an Administrator, Moderator, or WORS Staff member immediately. The most effective means of doing so is by using the "Report Post to Moderator" link found at the bottom of the questionable post.

The WORS Staff reserves the right to censor any post at any time. The WORS Staff can and will edit or remove posts, issue warnings and disciplinary actions. To discuss anything regarding information on this page, please contact a WORS Staff Member.

Last Updated: Jan. 17 2006,08:15

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